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Inline Shrink Wrapper Machine
Inline shrink wrapper is a shrink wrap equipment which uses either one or two reels of film to enrobe a product or groups of products with a loose piece of film which is then shrunk tight by the application of heat.
After filling, capping and labeling, product containers are transported into the shrink wrapping equipment by means of inline conveyor which delivers the product in 2, 3 or 4 lanes onto collation table. Photo eyes mounted on the conveyor detect flow of the products, The pneumatically operated bottle outgate cylinder stops a set of bottles, after target products are achieved, the outgate cylinder withdraws itself and ingate cylinder closes. Products are transported to wrapping unit. Shrink wrapper machine commonly uses two reels of film which are joined to form a web. When the product intersects the film web, it passes through the seal frame and moves onto the collation table. As the product moves through the film the shrink wrap packaging machine detects film usage and starts the powered film unwind feeding film. After enough film is fed the powered film unwind system stops. As the product moves through the seal frame, the carriage moves the seal frame forward with the product and the seal bars close to form a film sleeve around the product. The seal bars cut and seal the film. After the seal dwell timer times out, the bars open and the carriage returns to its home position. The product now in a the film sleeve continues moving forward across the conveyor and transfers onto the shrink wrap tunnel conveyor. The medium-speed shrink wrap machine tunnel conveyor moves the product through the shrink tunnel chamber. The film shrinks evenly around the product as it travels through the tunnel. When the shrink wrapped product exits the tunnel the film is still somewhat tacky. A cooling section located at the exit of the tunnel blows ambient/cool air onto the film as the product passes. The air cools the film and allows for faster product handling. The fully shrink wrapped product then transfers onto the customer’s conveyor completing the shrink wrap packaging cycle.
Key Features
 Heavy-duty rugged machine construction designed for high-speed, durable and full day operation
 Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision
  Baked on powder coat machine finish provides a durable scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion
 Flexibility to wrap product in different configuration like 4x6,3x4,2x3 etc.
 Unique heavy duty specially profiled sealing jaw for consistently strong seals.
 PLC control and HMI setting
 Teflon coated sealing blade.
 Insulated shrink tunnel chamber
 Stainless steel heating elements for long life. 
 Dual blower design with adjustable air flow
 Durable and non-stick teflon mesh conveyor belt 
 Tunnel discharge cooling station for fast film curing
 Discharging idle roller conveyor for accumulation and easy transportation
Technical Specifications
Packing Speed 12-18PPM 18-25PPM
Packing Size 450(L) x 450(W) x 350(H) mm 500(L) x 450(W) x 350(H) mm
Applicable Film PE PE
Max Film Thickness 100Micro 100Micro
Max Sealing 700mm 700mm
Applicable Container Plastic Bottles,Glass Bottles,Cans,Rectangular Cartons,Boxes etc.
Air pressure 0.5MPA 0.5MPA
Sleeve Wrapper Electric Supply 380V 50 HZ 3PH 4KW 380V 50 HZ 3PH 4KW
Shrink Tunnel Electric Supply 380V 50 HZ 3PH 28KW 380V 50 HZ 3PH 28KW
Machine Dimension 9500x1000x1920mm 13200x1100x2000mm
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